Looking Forward To Trying Your Stupid Idea

by Laguna

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All words & music Stephen K. Donnelly ©2002 SOCAN/ASCAP

Remixed and remastered in 2011

"3.5 stars (out of 5)

After five years of lineup changes, the revolving door that is Laguna finally managed to settle down long enough to deliver its debut, Looking Forward To Trying Your Stupid Idea, a ragged but altogether tuneful slab of no-frills rock 'n' roll. The shambolic quartet rumbles like the Pixies fronted by David Lowery with a mild hangover - and that's a good thing. "My dreams were recorded on vinyl 22 minutes a side," crows ringleader Stephen
Donnelly on the opening cut Vinyl, tipping his hat to rock's distant past. The brash attack - dual guitars, drums and bass - bounds out of the gate strong but hesitant, maybe a band still working out the kinks. Fortunately, the cautious manner doesn't last too long. The more cohesive brawn of Paramount, Beauty of Space and the Pet Sounds-flavoured Feeling California highlight a solid first outing. (Steve Baylin)" - Ottawa XPress

Actually Laguna's second album of original rock 'n' roll. The first one is the vault somewhere. To be released soon perhaps.


released January 1, 2011

All songs arranged and performed by Laguna.

Recorded by Greg Langille and Stephen K. Donnelly in various basements. Mixed and mastered by Stephen K. Donnelly.

The players:
Stephen K. Donnelly - vocals, rhythm and melodic guitar
Greg Langille - lead and noisy guitar, backing vox
Dan Dannenberg - bass, backing vox
Tim Connolly - drums and concussion

Guest starring:
Fiona Boey - duet and backing vox on "Ragged", speaking on "Tetanus Shot"



all rights reserved


Laguna Ottawa, Ontario

Formed in Ottawa, Canada in the late 90's, Laguna has gone through a few lineup changes but soldiered on with the goal of delivering, poppy, punky tunes with some edge and some words.

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Track Name: Tetanus Shot
What's that phrase, about pulling teeth?
It kind of rang true, but it wasn't quite you
There's something there in the back of my mind
It's a little unfair and a little unkind

I don't mean to be mean
I'm not trying to be cruel
But trying to talk to you is like getting a tetanus shot

I fancy myself a bit of comedian
I laughed so hard I drove across the median
I amuse myself, it doesn't work around you
I'm one of a pack: idiots surround you
Putting up with my shit, holding your breath
I guess it just hasn't hit me yet


I don't need you at all
I don't want you to fall
Put your back against the wall
Should I stay? It's your call...

Our lips once met across a crowded room
I hoped I'd see a reason soon
Another wasted night I don't want to see you
I sympathize but I wouldn't want to be you
Trying to find a link it must be well hidden
Can't get in sync I can't find your rhythm

Track Name: My Machine
Something is not working right In my toaster, in my life
I am always getting burned
That's the only thing I've learned
The whole is greater than the parts
I guess I'll take those parts apart
Find out just what makes them tick
Find out what makes me so sick
I tried and tried and tried and tried and tried
To rout out all the enemies inside

It worked for my machine but it didn't work for me.

I tried to break it down but all the
Little pieces wouldn't come around
Put them all in little cups
So I would not mix them up
Carefully labelled and categorized
This one's fingers, this one's eyes
Careful notes in bad hand-writing
I know this all sounds so inviting

I tried and tried and tried and tried and tried
To rout out all the enemies inside

It worked for my machine but it didn't work for me.

I could not read what I wrote
Not even one single note
All components now mixed up
Tried again without much luck
Reassemble, resurrect Incomplete, imperfect
Reassemble in distress
All the tension, all the stress

I tried and tried and tried and tried and tried To pull out all the enemies inside It worked for my machine but it didn't work for me.
Track Name: It's Hard To Hang On To Your Dreams (In A World Worn Ragged At The Seams)
I tried to hold onto what we had
I tried to believe it wasn't all bad
But the lack of depth had to overcome me
The lack of length couldn't be blamed on me

It's hard to hang on to your dreams
In a world worn ragged at the seams

Yeah yeah yeah

I lie on the concrete staring at the sky
Watching another satellite go by
No cars in the streets no lights in the windows upstairs
Cold concrete glass garage affairs

Track Name: Paramount
We sang Pixies songs
At the top of our lungs
Track Name: Already Dead
The leaves around my feet are dying
The trees around my crown are crying
Knock me down, turn around
See if I get up again

The decades and the second flying by
I try to grasp as many as I can I try
I don't know what year it is,
Let alone the day, the day, 'cause

I'm already dead
I'm already dead

Never felt better than the day I realized
That I was already dead

I want to be in the place I was conceived
Lying naked in the dying leaves
It feel like I'm already dying
I'm already
Clay from the yard where I am laid
Sunbathing naked in my grave
I went back the other day
It was exactly the same

I'm already dead

Weather vane
Always the same
Weather vane
Is always the same

Don't hold your breath
Don't lose your head
Save your breath
Cause I'm not dead