The Intro Is The Chorus

by Laguna

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There is a full album recorded, just finishing one song at a time.

All words/music Stephen K. Donnelly ©2017 SOCAN/ASCAP

Guitar/vocals/recording/mixing/mastering Stephen K. Donnelly
Bass Mark Osmond
Drums Tim Connolly


released July 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Laguna Ottawa, Ontario

Formed in Ottawa, Canada in the late 90's, Laguna has gone through a few lineup changes but soldiered on with the goal of delivering, poppy, punky tunes with some edge and some words.

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Track Name: See You Fall
See You Fall


I lived through some rock and roll days...
Hope I die in a rock and roll way
If I do then at least you can say
That you knew me

You could say that we had a thing
A couple of kids and a couple of rings
I didn't wear mine for very long...
So sue me.

If you've got one claim to fame
Even if it's somewhat lame
You're immortalized in song
I guess that's something...

As days turn to years, maybe
Things won't seem so weird
Maybe I won't be so mean, but
For now there's just one thing...

I'd really like to see you fall
I really want to see you fall
Doesn't make much sense at all
I want to see you fall...

I’m glad you saved yourself
At the expense of everyone else
Or maybe it was me who
Should have run

Never thought I’d get to say in my life
( Expletive deleted )
Stir up trouble when you stir with a knife...
Wish I had one

And I really want to see you fall
Track Name: Whole
Whole ©2017 Stephen K. Donnelly SOCAN/ASCAP

G Em
Walking round with a hole in the picture
A hole in the picture you see
Walking round with a piece of the puzzle
A piece of the puzzle missing

C Em
And I thought it could be you
But it turned out be untrue

G Em
Walking round with the glass half empty
The glass half empty of me
Walking round trying to fill a vessel
A vessel that’s full of leaks
C Em
Tried to fill that cup
Could not top it up

I tried and tried, what else can I do?

C Em 3x
I tried to make you whole
But I just couldn't do it

G Em 2x instrumental

Walking round thinking you’re too negative
You’re too negative to me
Started thinking if you’re two negative
I should be positive three

C Em 3x
And it's sitting on my shoulder
As I get a little older

I try to think it could be something better than it is

Track Name: Did I Miss My Cue?
Did I Miss My Cue?
©Stephen K. Donnelly

Verse: D G G/F# G/E
Just like Kurt Cobain
I proceed in shame
Although unlike he
I’ve got no apologies
Thought I had no use
For the self-abuse
The rat is in the trap
And I can’t bring it back

Chorus G A
Coming in on cue
Is all I want to do
Coming in on cue
Did I miss my cue?

You say it’s all timing
I should quit my whining
It’s all in who you know
Maybe who you blow
I’m so pessimistic
Nothing automatic
Where is the horizon
Where the hell have I been?


I spiral down the drain
And bubble up again
I'm hopping on the wagon
And falling off the train
I'm 20 dollars short
I'm 20 seconds late
I can't write it off to another twist of fate

Chorus Chorus End
Track Name: Friendship Is Not A Light
Not necessarily in this order:

friendship is not a light
you can't turn it off
when you've had enough

friendship is not a bulb
you can't flick a switch
to light it back up

not black and white
not binary you see
what you mean means
so much more to me

you manipulate it freely
to serve your purposes
expect me to follow
provide my services

you cut me off
i'm on then off
wanted then not
i've had enough

get away from that switch
stop pushing me in the ditch
i'm not a piece of work
you can crumple and pitch

friendship is not a light
you put out when it
becomes a chore

friendship is not a switch
that you can flick
when you get bored